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Top Hand/ Right Hand

Hawaii, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

This position performs various tasks in tower construction and communications equipment installation, service and testing. Daily climbing and participating in all safety procedures is required. A right hand must have experience and knowledge in tower climbing and must be able to stand-in for the Crew Leader if he is not available. This position requires that that the Right Hand understands and performs testing on antennas, lines and other components. They also are required to complete all the paperwork and record keeping that is needed on a project, if the Crew Leader is not available.



Must possess all the "KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES" of a Tower Installer plus the below listed items:

Basic level of knowledge and ability in using computers and a familiarity with at a minimum the software programs of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

Ability to read site plans and engineering drawing

Must be proficient in the use of hand tools and electrical tools i.e., hand drills, impact guns etc.

Must have the knowledge of knots and know the appropriate use for each type of knot

Must know crane and tower hand signals and know how to properly use them

Must be confident and competent in tower rescue

Must have knowledge of flying steel and be able to layout booms

Must be knowledgeable in all types of connectors

Must be knowledgeable in rigging

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